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Agates from Krakow Vicinity
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Exquisite Agates

Exquisite Agates

Dietrich Mayer
Good News for all agate lovers of the world: Dietrich Mayer's world-famous agate collection can now be admired in a brand new book: "Exquisite Agates".

It has the same size as the legendary AGATES trilogy by Johann Zenz and a brilliant print quality. On 424 pages the author presents his best agates - exquisite eye candy for every agate-freak! Second to none, Dietrich selects his agates by perfection and variety - which is reflected in the new book as well. Also his many excursions to Morocco made quite an influence on the superbness of his collection.

The book comes in two different covers, one in English and one in German, however the content is bi-lingual English/German and features around 1000 remarkable agates from all over the world, as far as numerous brand-new finds from new localities. That way, the book also serves as an ideal reference work for the world's best agate localities. Publisher of the volume is Rainer Bode; his publishing house is also home to the famous AGATES I, II and III books by Johann Zenz. The price is 58 € plus shipping. The book is limited to 1000 copies only.
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