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Agates from Krakow Vicinity
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AGATES III (English Edition)

AGATES III (English Edition)

Johann Zenz

656 brilliant pages from the magic world of unique agates and fascinating jasper - a dream of a book. More than 2000 pictures. 24x28 cm. Hardcover.

The first detailed publication ever on worldwide jasper locations - Wonderful jaspers from the world famous Hans Gamma Collection ˇ World-class jaspers from Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, California and many other US locations ˇ Gorgeous new jaspers from Indonesia ˇ Famous old European jaspers ˇ Colorful jaspers from South Africa, Egypt, Morocco and Madagascar ˇ Beautiful Russian jaspers from the Ural Mountains ˇ Variegated Jaspers from Australia ˇ Jasper boxes from the unique collection of Anton Ulrich, Duke of Saxony-Coburg-Meiningen, etc.
Jens Götze (TU Bergakademie Freiberg/Saxony): The SiO2-system and the definition of agate ˇ Geological occurrences and age of agates ˇ Mineralogy and microstructure of agates ˇ Nomenclature of microcrystalline SiO2 phases ˇ Distribution of SiO2 phases in agates ˇ Microstructure of agates ˇ Agate banding ˇ The formation of the microstructure in agates ˇ The nature of chalcedony „fibres„ ˇ Uncommon features and structures in agates ˇ The colour of agates ˇ Structural defects in chalcedony and agate ˇ Trace elements in agate ˇ Water in agate ˇ Luminescence studies ˇ Paragenetic minerals in agates ˇ Carbonate minerals in agate ˇ Fe-oxides/-hydroxides in agates ˇ Temperature of agate formation ˇ Fluid inclusion studies Oxygen isotopes ˇ The Al-„thermometer„ ˇ Formation of agates in volcanic rocks ˇ The formation of cavities ˇ Sources of SiO2 and transport of silica ˇ Formation of volcanic agates - a model ˇ Vein agates ˇ Agates in sedimentary rocks ˇ Agate formation due to organic processes.
Update on new and old worldwide agate locations ˇ Rare agates from Saxony and Thuringia in Germany ˇ New Indonesian agates ˇ Scottish agate locations update (Lord John Cromartie) ˇ Agates from Agate Creek, Australia (Nick Crawford) ˇ The best agates from Ploczki, Poland.
Another more than 60 top agate, jasper and petrified wood collectors from all over the world showing their excellent collections.
656 brilliant pages from the magic world of unique agates and fascinating jasper - a dream of a book. More than 2000 pictures. 24x28 cm. Hardcover. 89,00 Euro.
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