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Erzgebirge II

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Agates from Krakow Vicinity
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AGATES II (English Edition)

AGATES II (English Edition)

Johann Zenz - in collaboration with Nick Crawford, Lord Cromartie, Hans Gamma, Jens Götze, Pat McMahan, Terry Moxon, Stefan Raimann and Dieter Schwarz.

656 pages in large format 24x28 cm, 2200 color pictures of agates, jasper, landscapes and maps. Hardcover. In English. 89,- Euro.
After the fantastic success of AGATES I, which came out in 2005 and quickly sold out, we are now presenting the all new AGATES II, another extremely impressive book authored by the Austrian collector Johann Zenz. AGATES II is full of interesting texts and amazing images.
This book includes: new precious agates from China • amazing green agates from Bulgaria • agates from perpetual ice • new locations in Canada • first time ever agates from Greenland • eye agates from Monte Lake • an important and unique agate and jasper mining operation in Europe • and a lot more topical themes on 656 pages in the large format of 24 x 28 cm with 2,200 color pictures of agates, jaspers, landscapes and maps.
But that is not all!
AGATES II introduces about 50 of the most important and interesting agate collectors from around the world. They give the reader an exceptional insight not only into their private collections but also into their interesting lives with stunning details.
There is also a very extensive new agate worldwide location update. This update includes unusual and exotic destinations like Antarctica and Greenland.
A highlight in this amazing book is the chapter on agate inclusions in collaboration with top US agate collector Pat McMahan, with over 300 impressive pages including brand new information about locations and findings. The McMahan collection of agates with inclusions is the biggest and best in the world!
Another entire chapter is dedicated to the jasper, co-authored by US jasper expert Hans Gamma. It is an unprecedented composition of jasper information about the definition, genesis, history and today’s existing jasper varieties.
In addition, there is a breathtaking photographic report about the most spectacular agate and jasper digging that ever took place in Europe.
AGATES II is a definite rockhound must!
Content: What do the new agate findings from China promise? • Green preciousness - the amazing and colorful agates from Bulgaria • Agates from the perpetual ice • The new localities in Canada • For the first time: Agates from Greenland • Eye agates from Monte Lake • Unique: An important agate and jasper mining operation in Europe • 50 famous agate collectors from the whole world show their treasures • A gorgeous photo catalogue on the world famous thundereggs of Mount Hay, Queensland, Australia - and a lot more top themes on 656 pages in large format 24x28 cm, 2200 color pictures of agates, jasper, landscapes and maps. Hardcover.
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