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Agates from Krakow Vicinity
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More Exquisite Agates

More Exquisite Agates

Dietrich Mayer

Shortly after the publication of my book “Exquisite Agates” a number of new deposits were discovered world wide. In particular, China appeared as a new source of high quality material with great colors and interesting forms.

Attention: Shipping beginning 24. August 2017

This and the new agates from Morocco and Argentina, as well as the success of my first endeavor, induced me to create a new book. Also, I really just wanted, once again, to make a new book for the pleasure of agate lovers everywhere.
The main focus of this work is the agate sites such as those in China or Morocco which are new or have only recently become better known. I have also made updates concerning the agate locales mentioned in my first book. With one exception, all of the agates shown here come from my personal collection, which has now grown to about 5,500 specimens.
The text is again in both German and English.
424 pages, Hardcover, size 24x28 cm, about 800 brilliant agate pictures. 58,00 Euro plus shipping.

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