MINERALIEN-Welt is a collector's magazine for minerals, which now appears in its 31st year.
MINERALIA World is an independent, honest collector magazine, i. There is no mineralshop behind MINERALIEN-Welt, no minerals dealer, who on the one hand reports about new finds and on the other hand tries to get them to the man (or collector).
MINERALIEN-Welt is thus as an independent mineral magazine completely objective and can research and report value-free.
Europe's friendly Minerals Magazine is published every two months and currently reports on all important topics that concern every collector: New finds from all over the world, new minerals, new sites, classic localities, collective regulations, the popular locality news from Eifel and Black Forest, the latest from the Alps, from Scandinavia, etc. In addition, each issue of MINERALIA world regularly brings the free private bargains and classifieds, collector portraits, book tips, reports of mineral exchanges in Germany and abroad, extensive tests on the latest database programs for collectors , current references to interesting web pages on the Internet, offers from the leading retailers and the extensive and particularly well-structured MINERALIEN world stock market calendar COLLECTORS info with 88 EXTRA pages (2016), which is included free of charge for the first issue of each year and the hardly a collector would like to miss anymore.
But it's not just the versatile sections that matter, the presentation of the MINERALIEN world is top-notch: skilful, clean, clear layout, brilliant, true-to-life four-color printing ...
And look at the photos. You can feel all the expertise that the world's best photographers have put into minerals photography. In short, the MINERALIA world does what the reader expects for their money: skilfully crafted articles, well-researched information, and importantly, there is no "cemetery".

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And so readers judge
Europe's Top Minerals Magazine:

... as a leading journal for mineral collectors in Europe, I am always pleased to have a new edition of their magazine in their hands. They report again and again in detail and objectively about the latest events from the realm of minerals. Findings and news from the magazine have become indispensable ... and in their attractiveness barely beat, the quality is outstanding. Especially her report about the Mineralientage München 2008 in issue 1/2009 is impressive and can also fascinate the reader, who did not have the opportunity to visit this largest mineral fair in Europe.
J. Kynast, D-93092 Sarching

... I am very satisfied with the MINERALIEN world. Have therefore already made a lot of advertising for you.
K. Busch, D-35094 Lahntal.